Tooth Fairy’s Average Payout Reaches Record High

With recent news reports concerning inflation for a variety of items, it should come as no surprise for parents with young children, that the Tooth Fairy is facing inflationary pressure as well.

As reported by Delta Dental’s 2022 Original Tooth Fairy Poll, “the Tooth Fairy’s average cash gift for a lost tooth has reached a record high of $5.36.” Conducted since 1998, the poll shows this year “an average payout four times higher than that of the first poll ($1.30) and 66% higher compared to last year ($4.70)”. 

According to Theresa Fairy, President of the National Tooth Fairy Association, this increase is  understandable given dental treatment trends over the past few years. “Unfortunately, our fairy deliveries were negatively impacted by our inability to access many households during the pandemic. Plus improved dental care programs for children (like Children’s Dental Health Month in February) have stretched out the supply chain of tooth replacement opportunities. Thus we felt it necessary to increase payouts to address this situation.”

If you are looking for opportunities for your children to share their tooth fairy wealth, may we suggest that women’s and children’s shelters are always looking for oral health supplies — toothpaste and brushes.  Or check out donation opportunities (as well as other oral health resources) at