Three Ways to Get Whiter Teeth for the Holidays

Holiday Parties. Holiday Outfits. Holiday Pictures.  Three things that ask for whiter, brighter  holiday smiles.

If you want to get a whiter smile in time for the holidays (or anytime), we have three ways to whiten your teeth.

Opalescence Go™ Whitening System

opalescence-go-whitening-kitThis whitening system uses disposable trays.  The trays, for both upper and lower teeth come pre-filled with professional strength whitening solution. Just insert the trays and they easily mold to your mouth. Keep them in for the suggested time and then simply remove and toss the trays. This system is less expensive and the trays conform very well. Future touch ups are available with the purchase of additional trays.

Custom Trays

These trays are custom molded in our office to fit your teeth exactly.  You apply whitening gel, insert the trays and wear them for the specified time at your leisure, on your schedule, even overnight while you sleep. Because the trays are reusable, you can always touch up your smile later by wearing them over a couple of days.  As a bonus with this system you will be offered a free tube of gel at your cleaning appointments.

Opalescence Go™ Whitening System

drpoz-fb-whitening-blog-photoThis method produces the quickest and best results – completed in one appointment. Because of the strength of the whitening gel, it requires an office appointment and 1 1/2–2 hours of chair  time. It also includes custom trays for touch ups with the same bonus of free gel.
A brighter, whiter smile is a great gift — for someone else or yourself!
Happy Holidays!