Things to Consider Before Trying Self-Serve, Teledentistry Tooth Straightening

The online and TV ads in Toledo OH, Sylvania, OH and the surrounding area are very compelling.  You can get a new, do-it-yourself smile with straighter teeth just by walking in to a store, or sending for a packet in the mail, with no dentist visit. Submit a few selfies, along with impressions you’ve taken yourself and receive a kit that will straighten your teeth in just a matter of months — no muss, no fuss.

If you are tempted by the teledentistry promise of easy, do it yourself, at home teeth straightening, here are a few things to consider.

Do you know if you are a viable candidate for this treatment approach?

Before you start the process of adjusting or moving teeth in your mouth, there is more to consider than just how your teeth look.  While self-examination is good for the soul, it doesn’t work so well for your teeth. For that you need professional advice, ideally from your regular dentist. Here are some questions to answer:

  • Have you had X-rays and a clinical exam to make sure there are no tooth or gum problems that should treated first.
  • Have you been assured that there are no oral pathology or oral bone/jaw issues? 
  • Is there enough space to allow the teeth to be moved and aligned properly? 

All these factors need to be considered for confirmation that you are a good candidate for braces or orthodontics. 

Can you take your own mouth photos and make good impressions of your teeth yourself?

Camera phones allow all of us to take great pictures, but professionals photographing the same scene know how to produce pictures that capture more detail and provide better results. It’s the same with taking photographs of your mouth as well as making impressions.  Sure you can do it, but will they provide the accuracy and detail the provider needs to produce the best-fitting braces or orthodontic appliances that will deliver the results you want? 

New dental approaches and technology can offer consumers oral treatment options not previously available, often at reduced cost. If you are considering enhancing your smile, talk to us to review your options, determine if you wold be a good candidate for these treatments and make recommendations that are best for you. Personalized, professional dental care — it’s what you deserve.