Some Patients Avoiding Regular Oral Health Checkups

In this part of our pandemic update we wanted to speak to those patients who are choosing not to return because they are not experiencing any adverse oral health issues.

Some patients seem hesitant to return for regular oral health checkups and preventive care  

We’ve noticed that some patients have decided to forego scheduling appointments now that pandemic restrictions have eased. They have expressed some variation of the following — since the pandemic began, they have not experienced any negative oral health issues or they feel that their teeth are doing fine.  So these patients are putting off preventive care.  They feel they can postpone, or skip entirely, regular dental checkups. 

Dental disease is often a hidden problem

We are starting to see patients who have chosen not to resume regular dental checkups who call with an emergency because they notice a chipped or broken tooth, are experiencing tooth sensitivity, or even considerable tooth pain. At this point treatment options are more extensive (more significant in scope and cost).

Some symptoms can indicate oral health issues

Not all oral health issues appear as tooth pain.  For instance, we have seen an increase in the number of patients who are experiencing grinding and clenching teeth. This is often a typical response to stress which has been heightened due to issues surrounding dealing with the pandemic.  Signs of grinding and clenching can include headaches and sore jaws when you wake up.  And these can affect chewing and speaking or worse.  For example, the pressure and the forces from grinding and clenching can cause your teeth to crack, especially if you have older fillings.

 Schedule a return visit in the near future 

Don’t put off routine care. Regular checkups can address issues early, before they become major oral health care problems. Plus preventive visits can quite literally prevent gum disease by removing the buildup of plaque , tartar and bacteria.

Your overall health is important to us

Our primary concern is for the overall health of you and your family.  For those who we haven’t seen in awhile, we hope you decide to restart regular oral health checkups and make an appointment with us soon.

Thanks for being a valued member of the Dr. Poz family.

Dr. Poz, Dr. Andy & Team