Masks Still Required for Dental Appointments

Patients are asking us variations of the following question — “I thought the mask mandate was lifted, why do I still need to wear a mask in your office?”.

Mask mandates still apply to dentist offices

While it is true that mask mandates in Ohio have been lifted for most settings, they are still applicable to health care settings, which includes dental offices.

What that means for your visit with us

That means we will continue asking you to wear your mask for your appointment with us. We will also screen for symptoms, by asking  you to answer a couple of quick questions and we’ll still take your temperature and ask you to use hand sanitizer.  Plus we’ll ask you to maintain physical distance between other patients and staff.

In addition, the Dr. Poz  team will continue wearing our masks, as well as other personal protective equipment (PPE), during your appointment and treatment. 

Your overall health is important to us.

Our primary concern is for the overall health of you and your family.  Continuing these Covid health protocols is for your protection and for ours.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  

Thanks for being a valued member of the Dr. Poz family.