Dentistry, and life in general, in our new normal Covid-19 world is different, but not necessarily all bad.

We reopened our doors to patient care mid-May and made several changes to our physical setup in order to keep our patients and ourselves safe.  We have always taken the necessary precautions to sterilize, disinfect and routinely clean everything in our office it is just a new perspective on why we do so.  Reminders are a good thing, even if the situation creating the reminder is not.

Checking on our patient’s health and medications is routine for us. Checking in after a long or extensive appointment is also routine.  Double checking the health of our patients now at scheduling, at appointments and afterward makes everyone feel safer and cared for.  

While we have been used to wearing masks for patient care, it is different for the entire team to wear them at all times. It is difficult for us to be hiding our smiles behind the masks so we have made a greater effort to smile and show concern with our eyes.  

Straining to hear through the fabric covering everyone’s mouths and the physical barriers to maintain distance has taught us to be truly focused on what is being conveyed.  This is a life lesson for all of us.  

Social distancing has created or intensified mental health unease for many people.  We like greeting our patients by name, hugging some, shaking hands with others, or standing close to convey our sincere attention and concern.  It is hard to have these physical actions put on hold.   We have taken to using our words more instead to make sure that those we come in contact with are truly healthy in body, mind and spirit.  It is gratifying to ‘see’ concern transform to a smile when a patient recognizes we truly care about the whole person, not just their mouth. 

The motto since this all began is ‘We will get through this – together’.  It is and always has been our office motto.  If there is any way we can make you feel more at ease please do not ever hesitate to ask us.  We are here for you and we will get through this – together! 

Dr Poz and Team