10 Ways Your Dentist Helps Improve Your Overall Health

On Monday, March 17, The Blade published an article (see the full article here) discussing the direct link between oral health and heart health. The article made the case that neglecting your oral health can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Among the recommendations for maintaining good oral health were regular checkups with your dentist and proper daily brushing. Regular checkups allow the dentist to detect any mouth and gum disease in their early stages and the article pointed out that people can have advanced gum disease but have no pain at all. Interestingly, the article noted that just brushing your teeth twice a day is not good enough to maintain oral health. The most important thing is that you brush for a full two minutes each time (the average American brushes for only 15-20 seconds!).

I am, and have long been, a strong advocate of the powerful link between oral health and a person’s overall health. Research over just the last three years has confirmed this linkage. Because of that, when you visit our office for a routine appointment, we run through a checklist of 10 exams and procedures designed to evaluate and help you maintain good oral health.
(Illustration ©The Blade 2014)

The 10 Ways Dr. Poz Helps Improve Your Overall Health
1. Reviewing your health history
2. Performing oral health care assessment
3. Evaluating gum disease & health
4. Conducting oral cancer screenings
5. Cleaning & polishing teeth to remove plaque and calculus (tartar) buildup
6. Educating you on proper oral hygiene techniques
7. Encouraging you to develop individualized home oral hygiene routines
8. Advising you on nutrition to maintain optimal oral health
9. Informing you of possible medication interactions which affect the oral cavity
10. Evaluating any problems identified during your exam and recommending a course of treatment

I hope this helps you better understand the critically important roles that regular dental exams and consistent oral hygiene routines play in helping you maintain optimal oral health that will keep you in better overall health.

If you don’t already have your next exam scheduled, please call the office (419-475-6554) or visit our website (www.drpoz.com) to schedule an appointment in the near future. Please share this important health information with family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. And if they currently don’t see a dentist regularly, we would appreciate your kind referral.