Children’s Happy Visit™

Dental experts agree that building good oral care habits should begin as early as possible to create a foundation for a lifetime.  Parents often ask us when this should start and what they can do to help build and encourage these habits.
Here’s what parents can do.
  • First, model good oral care routines themselves. Children learn by watching their parents.
  • Begin regular brushing routines with children once their first baby teeth have come in.
  • Schedule a child’s first dental office visit when they are between 1 and 2 years old.
Here’s how we help.

helping-brother-with-prophyIt’s starts with the fact that we love kids. It’s true.  So we provide kid-friendly activities in the reception area.
We created our special Happy Visits™  (We designed Happy Visits to be a fun and positive experience to specifically lessen the anxiety about coming to the dentist.)
  • Around 18 months young patients come in for a “trial” appointment exam.They experience sitting in the dental chair and going up and down. (Whether alone or on mom or dad’s lap the ride is always fun!)
  • We put them in the dental spotlight (the bright overhead light) and let them wear sunglasses.
  • We introduce them to Mr. Tickle (tooth polisher) and Mr. Thirsty (water and suction).
  • We count their teeth with them (Dr Poz often needs help counting teeth properly!).
  • They’ll get used to our staff and doctors wearing gloves and masks. (Some even want to take gloves and masks home to play dentist!)
When we finish, we discuss with parents proper teeth cleaning methods. This includes informing them that there are online apps to help make a game of getting young ones to brush teeth for the required two minutes.  We also emphasize the importance of proper diet.
Before they leave, kids are treated with a visit to the treasure chest (their favorite part!).
By starting early with a consistent brushing schedule and a positive first dental office experience, a strong dental hygiene habit is established we hope will last a lifetime.