Two Reasons Dental Patients Seem Hesitant to Return for Checkups

Grateful for our patients

We’re gratified that many of our patients are back into a regular oral health maintenance routine. Yet we have also noticed that a significant number have not yet returned after staying away due to pandemic restrictions and concerns.  

Some patients seem hesitant to return 

We’ve noticed that patients have expressed two main reasons for not scheduling appointments.

  • First, there are still patients who are experiencing lingering anxiety related to possible Covid exposure when in public or where they may come in contact with groups of people such as in an enclosed office.
  • Second, there are patients who believe that since the pandemic began, they haven’t experienced any negative oral health issues or they think that their teeth are doing fine because there is no discomfort.  

For those who are anxious

We want you to feel safe when you visit, so be assured that along with our customary sanitary and disinfectant procedures to make sure our office environment is safe, we follow all the CDC and Ohio Dental Association guidelines to protect both you and our team members. We also ask all our patients to observe appropriate social distancing measures while in the office. 

Your overall health is important to us

Our primary concern is for the overall health of you and your family.  Continuing these Covid health protocols is for your protection and for ours.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  And for those whom we haven’t seen in awhile, we hope you decide to restart a regular oral health routine and make an appointment with us soon.

In our next blog, we’ll speak to those patients who are choosing not to return because they are not experiencing any adverse oral health issues. 

Thanks for being a valued member of the Dr. Poz family.


Dr. Poz, Dr. Andy & Team