We offer different whitening methods, depending on your individual whitening needs.

Custom Tray Whitening

Reusable customized trays are formed using your teeth models.  You place the whitening gel inside the tray, insert the tray in your mouth and lightly tap it to disperse the gel. Wear time depends on which concentration of you use – 2 to 8 hours (can be worn overnight).  This system works well with all shapes or sizes of teeth and offers a built in way to touch up* your whitening in the future.

*Subsequent whitening is not necessary as this system creates a permanent change.  However, because teeth naturally darken with age,  at your return hygiene appointments you will be offered a tube of whitening gel free of charge to keep your smile bright.

Pre-filled Tray Whitening 

The Go whitening method comes with 10 each upper and lower mold-able whitening trays that are pre-filled with whitening material. You mold and shape them to your teeth when you put them in. Wear time depends on which concentration of you use – 15 to 60 minutes. Because the trays can be manipulated to conform to most mouths it works well for many patients.  If you desire to touch up your whitening in the future individual trays are available to purchase.


Due to the nature of the process it is always advised to have your mouth evaluated by a dentist prior to any whitening procedure, as well as follow up on your progress or to address any concerns.  Not all patients are good candidates for whitening.

Whitening gel is sensitive to temperature and will loose potency over time. It will break down if stored incorrectly or for too long a period.  OTC product quality cannot be verified – whitening gel should only be dispensed from a known, trusted source – like your dentist!